Optical Property Meters

 Color meters / Gloss meters / Haze meters

Expressing colors numerically with SUGA brand Meters

As accurate expression of color with numerical values has become a necessity. Shinyei Corporation of America offers advanced color meters, haze meters and image clarity meters from SUGA Test Instruments to contribute to the precise color management in a lot of different industries.

Color Meters

POTABLE Spectrocolorimeter


Quality color measurement within your grasp

Its large color LCD touch panel maltes it easy to read, prevents mistakes and reduces fatigue. The light source is SUGA's distinctive VI-LED (Hight color-rendering index white LED) with long lifspan and light suitable for color measurement. Its dual synchro sensor method with two spectroscopes gives it an outstanding long-term stability.


Diffuse light source 8 degree ovserver angle (switchable)

reflectance measurement


aperture diameters

10mm,  5mm
Photometry Dual synchro sensor method
Wavelength range 400 - 700 nm,  19 nm inverval
Light source VI-LED ( High color-rending index white LED)
Dimension W82mm x D112mm x H249mm    approx. 980g

Tristimulus colorimeter


 ( Color Cut i )

CE model is also available

Striving for the highest stability, operatable

and cost performance of its class

''Color Cut i'' is an all-in-one photoelectric trisimulus color meter, capable of measuring both reflectance and transmittance.

Color measurement


C light with 2 degree view angle / D65 light with 10 degree view angle / D65 light with 2 degree view angle


Reflectometry   8 degree incident diffused light viewing

Transmission   0 degree diffused light viewing


TM double beam method (photoelectric tristimulus colorimetry)
Aperture diameter

Reflection: ϕ30mm, ϕ15mm, ϕ5mm

Transmittance: ϕ30mm

Dimension W43cm x D39mm x H23cm    approx. 12.5kg


SC-T / SC-T45

Integrated sphere method and 45° incidence 0° viewing method

Valued in the fields of precise color management, the SC series is our high-end model with the highest accuracy of its class, along with variety of measurement and graph display options. This single unit can measure both reflection and transmittance.

Color measurement


2° and 10° view angle of A, C, D65, F6, F8, F10 and F11 lights


Reflectometry:   8° viewing (swithchable)

Transmittance:  0° incident 0° viewing

Measurement wavelength interval

380 to 780 nm,  5nm interval


Total wavelength measurement method (TM double beam)


Reflection range
Aperture diameter

Reflection: ϕ30mm, ϕ15mm, ϕ5mm

Transmittance: ϕ30mm


Optical unit: W27 x D42 x H23 cm    approx. 15kg

Measurement unit: W23 x D33 x H16 cm approx 4kg

Gloss Meters

Gloss (specular glossiness) is a value that indicates the intensity of the specular reflection of the surface of an object. High gloss will indicate that the reflected light is intense.

Although color will appear differently depending on the intensity of the gloss, the color value between high and low gloss specimens may not be so different depending on the color meter's geometry. For this reason, gloss should be measured along with color.

GM-1  Gloss mobile

A mobile gloss meter capable of simultaneous

three-angle measurement

This mobile meter is capable of measuring the specular gloss from three angles ( 20°, 60° and 85° ) with a touch of a button, this is an ideal instrument for field measurement.

GS Series   multi-angle gloss meter

Fixed - angle gloss meters that provide accurate angle setting

Up to 4 higly precise, fixed measurement angles can be selected from 20°, 45° 60°, 75° and 85° (75° and 85° cannot be selecfted together). It can measure specimens of large size with its flat measurement surface. Measurement value can be displayed simply by placing the specimen on the stage. The TAPPI covering beam method (20°, 75°) is also available.

UGV-6P   variable - angle gloss meter

Complete gloss measurement with one meter

The incidence angle and the receptor angle can be adjusted individually by 1° margin using the meter at the center of the instrument. A marker is included at the center for pricise angle setup. The measurement value is displayed simly by placing the specimen on the specimen stage.

Haze Meter

Haze is the level of fogging used to measure the level of translucency of materials such as glass and plastics. Materials that are totally transparent will have a haze value of 0; this value will increase as the material becomes foggier.