Light Sources & Lamps

7.5kW Xenon lamp & Sunlight

The spectral power distribution of this light source's irradiance in the ultraviolet and the visible portion is very much similar to that of sunlight. The spectral distribution of indoor and outdoor sunlight can be accurately simulated with the appropriate combination of filters. The development of a new testing model capable of generating three times (180 W/m2 ) the irradiance of sunlight in the ultraviolet portion drastically improved the acceleration of its tests.

3kW Metaling Lamp

This Metaling Lamp light source produces ultraviolet energy that is much stronger than other light sources. It is developed for performing super-accelerated tests in order to meet the demand from recent high speed product development.

Sunshine Carbon Arc

Trusted around the world for 60 years, this light source has an energy ascent in the ultraviolet portion much similar to that of sunlight. Specified in many standards including JIS and ISO, its test results have contributed to the technological development of various products and materials.

UV Fluorescent Lamp

This ultraviolet fluorescent light source, with its peak in the ultraviolet portion between 280 and 315 nm (UV-B) is used in ultraviolet deterioration tests of paint and plastics. It is specified in ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.

Sunshine Carbon Arc

This light source with strong energy in the ultraviolet portion ( around 388 nm )  is the oldest light source in history. It is widely used for light - fastness tests of every day products such as textile products, interior appliances and stationery.