Voltage Dip & Swell Simulator

IEC 61000-4-11


● Voltage dip & swell simulator conforming to EN/IEC61000-4-11 Ed.2 (2004) Standard
(Available for voltage variation test defi ned in the Standard 1994 as well)
● Enable to connect EUT power supply as its commercial outlet fi gure is with standard attached multi-fi gures outlet
● Easy setting for the test parameters on the front panel
● Realize fl exible test conditions setting beyond the Standard with a PC remote control
● Enable to conduct the interruption test in DC (DC125V / 16A max)



Input voltage range  AC100~240V±10%
 50 / 60Hz±10%
DC 0~125V
Output voltage AC 0~Input voltage+20% AC290V Max
DC 0 or Input voltage
Output current capability (AC) 100% of input voltage 16A rms Continuous
70% of input voltage 23A rms Interruption time < 5s
40% of input voltage 40A rms Interruption time < 5s
Output current capability (DC) 16A


Peak inrush current drive capability AC100~120V 250A peak (<10ms)
AC220~240V 500A peak (<10ms)
Load regulation

100% of input voltage

at 0-16Arms

< 5%

80% of input voltage

at 0-20Arms

< 5%

40% of input voltage

at 0-40Arms

< 5%

Over shoot / Under shoot

( in interruption )

< 5% in voltage variation At 1000Ω load
Rise-up / Fall-down time (in interruption) 1~5μs At 1000Ω load
Dip / Swell level Percent setting 0~120% 5V step at AC100V input
Voltage setting 0~288V 5V step at AC100V input
Number of repetition Number setting 1-1000 times or unlimited repetition at 1 time step
Interval cycle Cycle setting Synchronous 0.01 - 5000 cycles 0.0 cycle step
Time setting Synchronous 1s-100s 1s step

Ashnchronous 10ms-10h

0.5m step at setting < 100s

1s step at setting > 100s

Dip cycle   Cycle setting Synchronous 0.01-5000 cycles 0.0 cycle step
Time setting Synchronous 1s - 100s 1s step
Asynchronous 10ms - 10h

0.5m step at setting < 100s

1s step at setting > 100s

Dip phase  Phase angle setting  0~360°  
 Time setting  Synchronous 0~16.6ms  0.1ms step
Voltage variation test  Time setting

 Synchronous Max. velocity 0~100% : 1.5s 

                          Min. velocity 0~100% : 10s

Memory capacity 5 tests
Input voltage from EUT AC100~115V / AC200~240V±10% 50 / 60Hz±5%
Interface Optical interface (RS232 or USB)
Operating temperature range 15~35℃
Operating humidity range 25~75%RH (without dew)
Dimension (W) 430x(H)650x (D) 600mm
Mass Approx. 130kg


IEC 61000-4-11 Ed.3 Test STandard

Immunity test standard for electrical / electronic equipments which are connected to low voltage power supplies networks whether they are malfunctioned or resistible against short interruptions or voltage variations. Power capacity of equipments under the test (EUT) shall be 16A per phase. The test object shall be for EUT which are connected to 50 / 60Hz AC power supply and equipments which are connected to 400MHz AC power supply is not applied to the Standard.


The test shall be performed with the EUT connected to the test generator with the shortest power supply cable as specifi ed by the EUT manufacturer. If no cable length is specifi ed, it shall be the shortest possible length suitable to the application of theEUT.