Space-Electric / Magnetic Field

Visualization SYSTEM (EPS series)


The system detects position of the magnetic field sensor on the basis of the image on the camera first of all and then, recognizes strength of the signal that is measured by the sensor upon frequency analysis of the signal almost simultaneously. Finally, visualization of the strength level in composition with the real image of the measured object can be realized on screen of PC in form of heat map in colors.

■ High responsiveness following to the image can be realized because of the image recognition setting according to colors on the sensor part.
■ Composite strength distribution of the actual image taken by the camera and the measured data can be visualized.


high-frequency electric/magnetic field

EPS-02E is useful system for general purpose which is configured with electric/magnetic probes and spectrum analyzer. It can be customizable along requirements on frequency range, measured object, etc.

■ It is useful as a countermeasure tool for measuring emission.
■ Various size can be measured by changing sensor.
■ It is applicable to the other visualization system
(like sound, radiation, etc.) which uses the analogue signals
■ Antenna feature, cable loss, pre-amplifi er etc can be revised by factor editor.
■ Customized systems confi gurations using electric or magnetic fi eld sensors and spectrum analyzers on hands along other customers’ requirements are available

EPS-02E System Configuration


Low-frequency magnetic field

EPS-02EMF can save frequency data of magnetic field measured, so countermeasure points can be easily specified.

■ The direction of magnetic fi eld can be understood due to X, Y, Z axles and composite effective data acquired by three axes.
■ Taking the measurement conditions and environment inside a vehicle into the account, we attach 5m extension cable that can guarantee feature to the 3 axes magnetic fi eld sensor.
■ High speed signal processing from the magnetic field sensor is realized owing to the oscilloscope which can analyze frequency by high speed FFT.

EPS-02EMF System Configuration


Low-frequency magnetic field, simplified system without frequency analysis

Data measured with the magnetic sensor can be read directly and visualized on PC.
It is very compact and portable, so on-site measurement is very convenient.

*No frequency information can be displayed because of there is no signal processor as an affordable version of EPS-02EMF




Emission Measurement System for PCB

- Features -

●Enable to measure near fi led unnecessary radiation from PCB automatically
●Enable to measure the frequency range to 3GHz from 150kHz (Option)
●Wide measurement area up to 300mm X 350mm
●Pinpoint the emission source with composite fi gure of the measurement distribution map and PCB photo
●Standard equipment of both electric fi eld and magnetic fi eld probes so that the measurement in the both fi eld can be enabled

Measurement Procedure

Enable to display emission map per particular frequency