Lighting Surge Simulator

LSS-6230 / LSS-F02 series ( IEC 61000-4-5 ed.2 )

LSS-6230 model

● Lightning Surge Simulator
● Conforming to IEC61000-4-5 Ed.2 Standard
● Ring wave conforming to ANSI/IEEE C62.45 available
● Max. voltage 6.0kV output focusing on the practical use
● Monitor terminal standard equipped so as for easy waveform pre-checking
● Interlock built-in as the emergency stop function for safety
● Remote control software from PC ready as the option besides the stand-alone operation
● AC/DC CDN standard equipped. Available up to 3-phase AC500V 50A as the option
● CDN for Telecom lines, CDN for interconnection lines, isolation transformer, etc. ready as the option


Polarity Positive / Negative
Interval ( Minimum charging time ) ~999 seconds at 1 second step
No. of output setting 1~999 times 1 time step


Surge generating unit


Combination waveforms


Voltage surge / Output voltage: 0.5~6.0kV ±10%

Voltage surge / Front time: 1.2μs±30%

Voltage surge / Duration: 50μs±20%

Current surge / Output current: 250~3000A ±10%

Current surge / Front time: 8μs±20%

Current surge / Duration: 20μs±20%

Minimum charge time: 10 Second
Output impedance: 2Ω±10%


Ring wave

Voltage surge / Output voltage: 0.5~6.0kV ±10%

Voltage surge / Rise time: 0.5μs±0.15μs

Voltage surge / Duration: 100kHz±20kHz

Current surge /  2nd peak voltage: 40-110% of 1st peak voltage

Current surge /  3rd peak voltage: 40-80% of 2nd peak voltage

Current surge /  4th peak voltage: 40-80% of 3rd peak voltage

Minimum charge time: 5 Second

Output impedance: 12 Ω±3 Ω at 12 Ω selection in interruptive resistance

Output imdedance: 30 Ω±8 Ω at 30 Ω selection in interruptive resistance

Coupling network Line - Line : 18μF, Line - PE : 10Ω+9μF, Line - PE simultaneous coupling (L+N-PE) : 9μF/9μF
Decoupling coil 1.5mH
AC EUT power capacity Single phase AC 240V 16A MAX (50/60Hz)
DC EUT power capacity DC125V/16A MAX
Phase angle control 0~360°±10°, Based on set injection / return angle


Surge generating unit for external CDN


Combination waveforms

Voltage surge Output voltage 0.5~6.0kV ±10%
Front time 10μs±30%
Duration 700μs±20%
Current surge Output current 12.5~150A ±10%
Front time 5μs±20%
Duration 320μs±20%
Minimum charge time 15 seconds
Output impedance  40Ω±10%


Voltage monitor BNC output, 1/1000±10%
Current monitor BNC output, 1mV/A±10%
External communication RS-232C optical communication
Power supply AC100V ~120V±10%, AC200V~240V±10%,50/60Hz Power consumption : Less than 300VA
Dimension W430×H515×D500 mm(Projection excluded)
Mass Approx. 65kg

LSS-F02 Serise

● Lightning surge simulator (generator) conforming to IEC61000-4-5 Ed.2 Standard
● Maximum output voltage 15kV

● Enable to conduct the more extended reliability test including the destructive test
● Large size LCD for the operation is adopted for realizing better visibility and operatability
● Easy operation for the sequential tests with adoption of MPU control Surge output / Waveform
switching / Polarity switching / Sequence can be automated sequentially
● Selectable either MANUAL or PROGRAM mode MANUAL mode is used for the test according to the Standard or performing single conditioned test and PROGRAM mode can perform different conditioned tests sequentially so that the tests can be performed easily along purposes.
● Excellent safety with equipment of interlock
● Standard equipment of terminal for checking the waveforms
Enable to check the waveforms in connection to an oscilloscope on hand with BNC cable
● Isolation transformers in line-up (Option)
● In order to avoid resonance with the power supply, possible to vary the constant of the decoupling network (1.5,1.3,1.0,0.8mH)(Customized production). When some products like a power conditioner for photovoltaic application are connected to a lightning surge simulator, the resonant phenomena may be happened and the products may not work well.

In LSS-F02 series (with customization), possible to change constants of the inductances so as to avoid such trouble.

Feature of LSS-F02 : More safety, reliable and easy test realized



Conbination waveforms

Output voltage 0.5kV ~ 15kV ±10%

Common for the all models

Voltage step : 0.1kV step

The setting can be from 0kV

Front line 1.2μs ±30%
Duration 50μs ±20%
Output current 250A ~ 7500A ±10%
Front line 8μs ±20%
Duration 20μs ±20%


Combination waveforms

Output voltage 0.5kV ~ 15kV ±10%


Voltage step : 0.1kV step

The setting can be from 0kV

Front line 10μs ±30%
Duration 700μs ±20%
Output current 12.5A ~ 375A ±10%
Front line 5μs ±20%
Duration 320μs ±20%
Output polarity Positive /  Negative
Interval 10 sec.~989 sec., depending on the set voltage 10 sec. (< 6kV) 15 sec.~ in 10/700μs waveform
Output impedance 2Ω ±10% 1.2/50μs waveform
40Ω ±10% 10/700μs waveform


Coupling surge waveform 1.2/50μs-8/20μs combination waveforms
Max. coupling surge voltage / current Up to values which can be set 

Coupling network

Correspondent to IEC 61000-4-5

18μF Between LINE - LINE (10Ω +9μF selectable)
10Ω ±9μF Between LINE - PE (18μF selectable)
Power supply lines structure for EUT Single phase AC :L/N/PE Model : A1A / C1
DC :+/-/PE  
3-phase AC :L1/L2/L3/N/PE (Common for single phase and 3-phase) Model : A3A / C3
DC :+/-/PE  
EUT power capacity AC240V/20A MAX 50/60Hz DC125V/20A MAX Model : A1A / C1
AC500V/50A MAX 50/60Hz DC125V/50A MAX Model : A3A / C3
Decouling coil 1.5mH
Phase angle control 0 ~ 360° ±10°

CDN for Tlecom lines ( only in model C1 and C3 )

Coupling surge waveform  1.2/50μs-8/20μs combination waveforms
10/700μs-5/320μs combination waveforms
Max. coupling surge voltage / current Up to the values which can be set
Impedance matching resistors 40Ω 80Ωper 1 line at 2 lines 1.2/50 μs waveform
160Ωper 1 line at 4 lines
25Ω 50Ωper 1 line at 2 lines 10/700 μs waveform
100Ωper 1 line at 4 lines
Coupling mode Common mode / Normal mode
Coupling network Gas arrestor : 90V
Line for EUT 2 lines / 4 lines DC50V/100mA MAX selectable
Decoupling coil 20mH


Voltage monitor BNC output, 1/2000±10% In open-circuit for SURGE OUT
Current monitor BNC output, 1mV/A±10% In short-circuit for SURGE OUT

External communication

RS-232C optical communication
Power supply AC100V ~ AC240V ±10% 50Hz / 60Hz

W555×H1450×D790 mm(A1A/A3A),

W555×H1800×D790 mm(C1/C3)

Projection excluded (in all models)
Mass A1A:Approx.290kg A3A:Approx.300kg C1:Approx.325kg C3:Approx.340kg Model : A1A / A3A

● These products use parts containing mercury. Please comply with lows or regulation in countries or states the products are used for the disposal.
● Certain periodical inspection shall be recommended since consumable parts are contained in the products.
 In the test to 3-phase 5 lines (with PE) power supply lines, a message which alert the inspection per around 200 sets (in the test to single phase (with PE) power supply lines, it is done per around 800 sets). (1 set in this case means that the test shall be done with 2 levels (eg. 0.5kV and 1kV) for the test series according to IEC61000-4-5)
* Exchange timing of the parts may differed depending on the operative conditions and environment. Please contact us for the more details.