High Voltage Noise Generator

Car Manufacturer's Standard by FNS-AX3-A16C-N1969

  • Single-phase 3 wire
  • AC85 - 240V16A
  • 50/60Hz
  • DC125V16A
  • Pulse: ~ 500V 50kHz (option)

This model is for carrying out a high pressure noise test of individual automotive manufacturers' demands. It simulates representative high voltage noise of HV and EV.

- Testing Arrangement -

Calibration Circuit (18-N1686)

Testing Condition 1 ( Continual testing)

Noise Waveform (reference)
Noise Waveform (reference)

Testing Level (Continual Testing)

Test level Vp-p(V)
1 (battery ECU) 220
2 (PCU) 105
3 (NAVI) 15

Noise Waveform (continual testing)
Noise Waveform (continual testing)

Testing Frequency fp condition (Continual Testing)

Test Condition fp(kHz)
A 1.25
B 2.5
C 5
D 10
E 50

Condition 2 (burst Testing)

Noise Waveform (burst testing)
Noise Waveform (burst testing)

Testing Level (Burst Testing)

Test Level Vp-p(V)
1 (battery ECU) 120
2 (PCU) 30
3 (NAVI) 7.5

Test Frequency fp condition ( Burst Testing)

Test Frequency fp range (kHz) Test fp step (kHz) Test Frequency fp point
100 ~ 1000 (kHz) 10 (kHz) 90 frequency point

Required Adaptor

Coupling Adaptor MODEL: CA-805B (Capacitive coupling)

Enable for testing characteristics against the noise only with clamping communication cables of electronics equipments in combination with INS Series.
○Enable to inject the noise without cutting signal, DC, AC, GND, etc.
○Enable to test the noise resistibility of electronics equipments separated individually.
○Realize to test the noise resistibility effectively since the injection can be directly to signal lines.
○Enable to clamp bundle of signal lines whose maximum diameter is 26mm

Input voltage : 4000V Max
Input pulse width :  50~1000ns
Dimension / Mass : (W) 350 X (H) 120 X (D) 130mm / approx. 3kg
Storage temp. range : -5~55℃
Inside clamp diameter : 26mm