Electrostatic Discharging Simulator

ESS-S3011A & GT-30RA

*light weight to ease your hand grasping

ESS-S3011A( Simulator ) & GT-30R A( Discharging Gun )

* The simulator and its gun are separated to achieve cost effectiveness.

DEMO unit is available

ESS-S3011A & GT-30RA

EMC test equipment to evaluate the resistibility of electronic devices and components when energy charged on a human body or object is discharged to the electronic devices and components. NoiseKen brand ESD simulator is available to see malfunctions or function declines of electronic equipment for appropriate evaluations compliant with IEC61000-4-2 Ed.2 Test Standard & ISO 10605 ed.2 standards. (click standards to see details)


Programmable simulator to ease some complicated tests and its light weight discharging gun can make you more conformable for your testing operation.  The biggest difference between ours and others is its discharging gun separation design to achieve the light weight and running cost effectiveness. The most of troubles occur in the discharging gun, not its main simulating system unit.


In case of dropping the all-in-one discharging gun simulator icluding the main system,  you may have to fully replace with the new one even if only some parts are broken. But in our discharging gun separation design, replacement parts can be minimized to lower the runnnig costs.

Polarity Positive / Negative
 Output voltage


~ 10.0kV : 0.01kV step ̃30.0kV : 0.1kV step

Repetition cycle

0.05s ~ 600s±10% / Manual
Set step : 0.1s (0.1 ~ 9.99s), 0.10s (10.0 ~ 600.0s)
Set step : 0.1s (0.1 ~ 9.99s), 0.10s (10.0 ~ 600.0s)0.05s̃99.9s±10% / Manual

Set step : 0.05s (0.05̃10.0s), 0.10s (10.0̃99.9s)

No. of time of discharge 1~60,000 times, Preset 1 time step or continuous preset1~60,000 times, Preset 1 time step or continuous preset1̃60,000 times, Preset 1 time step or continuous preset
Discharge mode Contact discharge / Air discharge
Radiation level mode NORMAL mode / EXTRA mode
Trigger mode Gun trigger / Main trigger / External trigger
Operation panel Color LCD / Push-buttons (Partially lighting)
Gun holder Standard attached (to hold the discharge gun Model GT-30R)
Radiation mode select switch Extra / Normal switching function built-in
Discharge detection Discharge detection function in air-discharge equipped
Pre-checking function "Following 3 steps function equipped
(by user operation. Not the calibration but just checking)
SETP1: High voltage output checking
STEP2: Withstanding voltage checking
STEP3: Discharge relay operation checking"
CR & Gun head checking CR constant and gun head recognizable
(with an indicator to prevent the wrong combination)
"IEC STANDARD" test mode Contact discharge mode : 2.0kV, 4.0kV, 6.0kV and 8.0kV step
Air discharge mode : 2.0kV, 4.0kV, 8.0kV and 15.0kV step
"MANUAL" test mode

Contact / Air discharge mode, Arbitrary setting during 0.2kV~30.0kV

Sweeping function built-in, Recordable up to 99 units

"SEQUENCE" test mode "Enables to operate units set in MANUAL mode continuously.
Max. 22 steps / 1 program and the programs recordable up to 20. "
Warning lamp Lighting at voltage output from the generator. Blinking at electro-static discharging
 Charge capacitor /  resistor  150pF±10%, 330Ω±10% (Built-in CR unit for discharge gun GT-30R)
 Charge resistor  in generator  10MΩ (Totally 53Ω in combination with 43MΩ in discharge gun)*
 AUX connector  D-SUB 15pins female connector
(for connecting to patolight, automated ESD eliminator, external interlock input, external trigger input terminal)
 Optical communication connector  Optical connector (serial interface) for connecting to PC
Power supply /consumption AC100V~AC240V 50Hz/60Hz ±10% 75VA
Dimension "Generator : (W)392mm X (H)312mm X (D)295.3mm( including gun holder)
Discharge gun : (W)83.3mm X (H)217.2mm X (D)229.3mm"
Mass Generator : Approx. 7.5kg
Discharge gun : Approx. 800g (excluding cable and connector)

 * The constant depends on combination with CR units for the discharge gun

●"3 pre-checking function" to make sure the more confirmable test
●"CR constant indicator" to make sure the correct unit attachment
●"One-touch exchange" of its gun head and CR unit realized
●"Ten-key & Rotary knob" to ease the settings.
●"Infra-red Remote Controller" to realize the setting remotely from the generator (Standard attached).
●"Discharge Detecting Function" to realize the air-discharge confirmation.
●"Lightest discharge gun in the market" to lighten the continuous operation (Excluding the cable and connector)
●"White LED Irradiator" to facilitate the visualization of the discharging areas.
●"Control Software" to enable the test result reporting and control with the PC.
* The software is scheduled to be downloaded freely from our web-site (The connection cable is necessary in addition).
* C (Capacitor) and R (Resistor) for the discharge gun is one-body unit.
* ISO 10605 compliant test can be realized with the optional parts in addition.


More insurable test realized ! “ 3 pre-checking function” built-in

[Check 1] Check high voltage output to confirm error to the set value.

[Check 2] Check withstanding voltage to confirm whether withstanding voltage is normal or defective.
The output and defectiveness are checked upon insertion of the discharge gun to the attached gun holder.

[Check 3] Check discharge relay operation to confirm whether the relay is exhausted or still available.

 Confirmable by touch of the discharge gun to the check terminal on the generator and discharge.

CR constant indicator to make sure the correct unit attachment.

Whether the gun head
corresponds to IEC or ISO ?

What values are the charge
capacitor and discharge resistor ?

Indicated on the display
of the generator

More light and user-friendly discharge gun materialized

The discharge gun has been renewed completely to materialize much more lightning and best gravity balance. Human load in the operation can be remarkably reduced comparing to the previous model. Please realize it on-hand actually. Also, really discharge or not can be visualized with LED light on the body in this new discharge gun although the previous one has to be confirmed only with human eyes. In addition, various functions are added like one-touch exchange of the CR unit, LED irradiator to shine the discharging points, etc.

LED irradiator built-in to shine the discharging points

One-touch exchangeable CR units

Easily exchangeable the gun head

More light and confortable handling

LED irradiater to visualize the discharge

( changing the color from RED to GREEN upon the discharge )

''Infra-red Remote Controller'' standard attached to realize the setting remotely from the generator

Most of the operation can be controlled by the remote controller.

Available to conform to ISO 10605 Standard with addition of the gun head and CR units.

Available to conform to ISO 10605 Standard by additional purchasing optional gun head and CR units. Since exchange of the gun head and CR units can be one touched, the tests with varied CR constants can be realized easily.

High visibility LCD panel and operatability

Reviewed the past operatability so that more easy and optimal operation can be realized. In " 1 IEC STANDARD" in MAIN MENU, since the test levels are preset, the test parameters can be set easily only with selection of the test level. In " 2 MANUAL", voltage and number of times of the test can be selected and also the set conditions can be recorded. Sweeping discharges can be set as well. In " 3 SEQUENCE", the set conditions in MANUAL can be recalled for combining them so as to realize the arbitrary sequential tests. In addition, varied functions like setting for gun trigger, automated ESD eliminator, etc. are equipped.

Specification / ESS-S3011 & GT-30R


06-00073B CR unit ( 150pF - 330Ω) for GT-30R
06-00074B CR unit (150pF - 2kΩ) for GT-30R
06-00075B CR unit (330pF - 330kΩ) for GT-30R
06-00076B CR unit (330pF - 2kΩ) for GT-30R
06-00077B CR unit (500pF - 0Ω) for GT-30R
06-00078B CR unit (150pF - 500Ω) for GT-30R
06-00079B CR unit (100pF - 1.5kΩ) for GT-30R
06-00080B CR unit (200pF - 0Ω) for GT-30R


03-00071A Gun head for constant 330Ω test to GT-30R
03-00072A Gun head for constant 2kΩ test to GT-30R


03-00068A Electric field adaptor for GT-30R
03-00069A Magnetic field adaptor for GT-30R
03-00070A Magnetic field loop adaptor for GT-30R


03-00073A Fast rise time adaptor for GT-30R
09-00006A Carry case for GT-30R
03-00074A Conversion adaptor for GT-30R


13-00004A Infra-red remote controller for GT-30R
12-00007A Discharge tip ( conical for GT-30R )
12-00008A Discharge tip ( round for GT-30R )
12-00009A Discharge tip ( spherical 30mm for GT-30R)


03-00061B Pedestal stand for the discharge gun
03-00052B Load resistor mounting board (1.2m X 1.2m )
03-00027A Load resistor mounting board
03-00060A GND cable positioner


06-00001A ESD current target
06-00067A ESD current target
06-00068A ESD target calibration adaptor                
00-00010A 6dB attenuator
00-00011A 20dB attenuator


GT-30R(discharging gun)
GT-30R(discharging gun)
CR unit for GT-30R
CR unit for GT-30R
Gun head for the discharging gun
Gun head for the discharging gun
03-00068 field adaptor
03-00068 field adaptor
09-0006A carry case for GT-30R
09-0006A carry case for GT-30R
discharge tips
discharge tips
03-00052B mounting board
03-00052B mounting board
06-00067A current target
06-00067A current target

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