DC Power Voltage Fluctuation Simulator

SG-7040  ( ISO 16750 )


SG-7040 simulator to reproduce power supply voltage fl uctuation to electronics devices in a vehicle and evaluate the immune resistibility against the fl uctuation. Max. 4 channels not only +B connection but also ACC, IG (and IG2), etc. can be synchronized for the reproduction.


- Features -

● ISO 16750 Standard compliant test (Possible to respond to private standards of the manufacturers).
● High resolution and high accuracy for the waveforms output realized with waveforms operation circuits built in the each channel.
● Easy and precise reproduction of the fl uctuation phenomena not only in the Standard but also arbitrarily enabled with the software control (USB).
● Insures less than 1μs for the synchronizing variation among the channels.
● Enables to put out the waveform data (CSV) which is measured with an oscilloscope in a real vehicle.
● Automated testing operation can be customized for reducing the man-hour.
                                   *Please contact us for the specification details.


The system is primarily comprised of the following three elements: multisequential oscillator, bipolar power source(s), and arbitrary waveform creation software. Appropriate bipolar power sources shall be selected and the multi-sequential oscillator shall be confi gured according to test requirements.

1. Multi-sequential Oscillator

・Modular construction for a maximum of four channels
・ Arbitrary waveform creation (DC, ramp wave, sine wave, exponential wave, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation)
・Waveform sequence creation

2. Arbitrary Waveform Creation Software

The arbitrary waveform creation software easily creates complicated waveforms with repeated voltage and time ramping with its superb GUI.

3. Bipolar Power Source

High-speed bipolar power source is selected according to the DUT power rating.


Multi-Sequential Oscillator SG-7040

Oscillator Specification

Channel Number
1ch - 4ch
 Oscilloscope Trigger Output  BNC Connector 0-5V
Set the desired point as the trigger point with the waveform
creation software and monitor waveform generation
with the external trigger function of the oscilloscope.
Waveform Generator Method
Sampling waveform output based on partial waveform
memory and DSP circuit output CSV data
Output Voltage
0.00 ~ ±6.00V
Output Current
5mA Max.
Output Impedance
Setting Resolution
Output Resolution
Offset Voltage
Frequency Response
150kHz Max. (±6.00V Amplitude Sine Wave)
150kHz Max. (±6.00V Square Sine Wave)
Frequency Precision
±20ns + 50ppm (over the entire frequency rang)
Waveform Rise / Fall Time
Less than 100ns (0±1.00V Swing)
Slew Rate
20V / μs
Synchronization accuracy
Adjustable at a step of 0.1uS up to 10uS, to compensate
differences in response time of the amplifi ers connected.
Synchronization with <0.1uS accuracy at the outputs of
the bipolar power amplifi ers connected.
Calibration Output
1kHz 1V (Test Use)
PC Interface
USB 1.1
Operating Temperature
25℃ ±10℃
Operating Humidity
20 ~ 90% RH
Drive Power Source
Local AC supply voltage ±10% 50/60Hz 15VA
External Dimensions
(W) 430 × (D) 400 × (H) 200mm (Approx.)
Approx. 10kg

DC Cut Module MODEL : SG 7044

● Disconnects DC supply circuits
● Open and Sink Modes
● Rise and fall time < 1μs
● Caontrollable from SG-7040
● Sink currents up to -30V
● DC50A

Optional equipment for the SG-7040 Series to carry out supply interruption test with <1uS rise/ fall time requirement.

Output voltage 0 ~ DC60V
 Steady-state current  Max. 50A
Short mode
Open / Short (Current intake)
Cut off mode
Only + / Only - / Both polarity
Cut time
Open : Input terminal or trigger switch
Short : Set at short duration or set at 2-9999μs
Rise / Fall time
≦1μs (10%-90% short mode output open at DC12V)
Dimension / Mass
W430×D400×H200mm/Approx. 10kg.