Component Level ESD Simulator

Human Body Model (HBM) / Machine Model(MM)

semi-automatic precision type probe stand
semi-automatic precision type probe stand

ESS-6002 / 6008

Simulator to reproduce electrostatic discharges (ESD) which are caused by a charged human body or machine designed with capacitor type and discharge the ESD to electronic devices for evaluating the resistibility against ESD.
In case the discharger is a human body, the test is called as Human Body Model (HBM) and in case it is a metallic object, the test is called as Machine Model (MM). This simulator is available to perform the both tests.

(This model needs to be ordered with either probe stand 18-00075A or 18-00076A)

18-00075A: Free Type Probe Stand / 18-00076A: Semi-Automatic Precision Type Probe Stand



● Optimal for testing sensitive devices because of the output voltage from 10V (1V step) at ESS-6002.
● Enables to evaluate the robustness against the breakdown voltage with the output voltage up to 8kV (10V step) at ESS-6008.
● The direct discharge to the IC clip is available with the free board equipment
● Constant qualitative discharge is available with the semi-automatic operation (in Semi-Automatic Precision Type).
● Available both for Human Body Model (HBM) test and Machine Model (MM) test
● Enable to discharge standards waveforms in between terminals
● Characteristics variation of DUT can be verifi ed with measurement terminal. (The measurement equipment is necessary besides)
● Enable to set the faster rise-up (with an optional card)

Test Standard

Human Body Model (HBM)
  AEC-Q100-002-Rev.D Jul.2003
  IEC61340-3-1Ed.1.0 2002
  IEC60749-26 Ed.1.0 2003
  JEDEC JESD22- A114E Jan.2007
  JEITA EIAJ ED-4701/300 Aug.2001 Test Method304
  MIL-STD-883F 3015.7 Mar.1989

Machine Model (MM)
  AEC-Q100-003-REV -E Jul.2003
  ESDA ANSI/ ESD STM5.2-1999
  IEC61340-3-2 Ed.1.0-2002
  IEC60749-27 Ed.1.0 2003
  JEDEC JESD22- A115A Oct.1997
  JEITA EIAJ ED-4701/300 Aug.2001 Reference Test Method


Output voltage ESS-6002 : 10~2000V±10% (1V step)
ESS-6008 : 100~8000V±10% (10V step)
 Polarity  Positive and negative
Repetition period
0.1s step to 10s, 1s step over 10s
Number of discharging time
+/-15V Max BNC coaxial connector
Operation in TTL fall-down (LOW over than 100μs or short between terminals)

Control with optional semi-automatic precision type probe stand

(MODEL 18-00076A) Dsub connector

SAtop test when open on the terminal board or between terminals
Power supply
AC100~240V±10% 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption
Operating temp. range
Storage temp. range
Operating humidity range
25~75%RH (without dew)
Storage humidity range
0~85%RH (without dew)
(W) 340 X (H) 199 X (D) 300mm (Projection excluded)
Approx. 6kg

Machine Model (MM) Probe  01-00055A ( included in the unit)

Operating temp. / humidity range 15~35℃ / 25~75%RH (without dew)
 Dimension / Mass  (W) 50 X (H) 242 X (D) 54mm / Approx. 760g
C : 200pF±10% R : 0Ω

Output waveform at short

Voltage  1st peak current 2nd peak current Cycle Ringing
lp 1 lp 2    lrs
100V 0.17A±10%

Min: 67% of lp 1

Max: 90% of lp 2

Min: 66ns

Max: 90nx

≦30% of Ip 1

Min: 3.5A -10%

Max: 3.8Z

400V 7.5A±10%
800V 14A±10%


Output waveform at 500Ω(±1%) load

Voltage  Peak current Fall do Ringing
lpr Tds  lrs
100V - - -


- -




min:35% of 100ns

max:45% of 100ns



- -

 * Output voltage depends on capabilities of the simulator (ESS-6002 / 6008)

Human Body Model (HBM) Probe 01-00054A ( Included in the unit )

Operating temp. / humidity range 15~35℃ / 25~75%RH (without dew)
 Dimension / Mass (W) 50 X (H) 242 X (D) 54mm / Approx. 760g
CR C : 100pF±10%  R : 1.5kΩ±1%


Output waveform at short

Voltage  Peak current Rise time Fall down time Ringing
lps Trs Tds  lrs
250V 0.17A±10%

Min: 2ns

Max: 10ns

Min: 1.3ns

Max: 1.7nx

<15% of Ips
500V 0.33A ±10%
1000V 0.67A±10%
2000V 1.33A±10%
4000V 2.67A±10%
8000V 5.33A±10%


Output waveform at 500Ω(±1%) load

Voltage  Peak current lpr/lps  Rise time Fall down time Ringing
lpr   Trs Tds  lrs
250V - - - - -

min:60% of Ips


≧63% 5-25ns 200ns±40ns ≦15%

min:60% of Ips


≧63% 5-25ns 200ns±40ns ≦15%

min:60% of Ips


≧63% 5-25ns 200ns±40ns ≦15%

min:60% of Ips


≧63% 5-25ns 200ns±40ns ≦15%
8000V - - - - -

 * Output voltage depends on capabilities of the simulator (ESS-6002 / 6008)

Output waveform

MM PROBE 01-00055A
MM PROBE 01-00055A
HBM PROBE 01-00054A
HBM PROBE 01-00054A

FREE Type Probe Stand  18-00075A

Semi-Automatic Precision Type Probe Stand  18-00076A

Easy test to semiconductors whose pitches are mm or inch since the minimum resolution accuracy is 0.01mm.
● The stage moves automatically accompanied by the discharge.
● Easy removal and attachment of the probe.
● Available for easy measurement with a measurement equipment after the discharge since the probe can be fixed at the discharge.

Dimension / Mass (W) 250x(H)400x(D) 300 mm / Approx. 7 kg
 Applicable IC size  Maximum size : 40 mm X 40mm Minimum lead pitch : 0.4 mm
X axis
Manual movement : 20mm with dovetail groove feed screw mechanism
Y- axis
Motor drive (Maximum velocity : 13 mm/s) Movement : 40 mm (Y resolution : 0.01mm)
* Stepping motor & ball screw
θ axis
Manual movement: 360°
Manual movement : 20mm (A spring built-in)
Origin adjustment

Application example

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