ISO Standard Compliant Automotive Surge Simulator

SS-7600 serise

Simulator to reproduce various transient surge phenomena which are generated in a vehicle and required in the international standard ISO-7637-2 (2004) Standard, and evaluate the immune resistibility of the equipped electronics devices against the surge.


● ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard compliant simulator
● Correspondent to the test for 12V/24V/42V systems in a vehicle
● Stand-alone usage per the each generator unit possible as well as the comprehensive  control.
● Large capacity CDN (60V/50A) available (Option)
● Up to 200A power supply possible (Option)
● Windows in Japanese applicable for the software program as well.
* Private standards or specifi cations by manufactures can be responded upon request.

  • ISS-7610: Pulse 1/ 2a
  • ISS-7630: Pulse 3a / 3b
  • BP4610 : Pulse 2b / 4
  • ISS-7650: Pulse 5a / 5b

ISS-7610 ( Pulse 1 / 2a Generator )

Pulse 1 :

Simulation of transients due to supply disconnection from inductive loads. It is applicable to DUTs which, as used in the vehicle, remain connected directly in parallel with an inductive load.

Pulse 2a :

Simulates transients due to sudden interruption of currents in a device connected in parallel with the DUT due to the inductance of the wiring harness.

● Compliant tests to ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard (Pulse1/Pulse2a generator)
● Stand-alone usage possible with 60V 30A CDN built-in.

Pulse 1 Output Waveform

Pulse 2a Output Waveform

Pulse 1 spec. Pulse 2 spec.
Output voltage (Us)
 -5V~-720V (-1V step)  5V~300V (1V step)
Output imdedance (Ri)
10Ω, 30Ω, 50Ω
2Ω, 4Ω, 10Ω, 30Ω, 50Ω
Pulse width (td)
50μs, 200μs, 300μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms
50μs, 200μs, 300μs, 500μs
Rise time (tr)
1μs : -0.5μs /+0μs 3μs : -1.5μs /+0μs
1μs : -0.5μs /+0μs
Pulse repetition period (t1)
0.5s~99.9s (0.1s step) / P2a : 0.1s~99.9s (0.1s step)
DUT power capacity
DC60V / 30A
approx. 20kg
Power consumption

ISS-7630 ( Pulse 3a / 3b Generator )

Simulation of transients which occur as a result of the switching processes. The characteristics of these transients are infl uenced by distributed capacitance and inductance of the wiring harness.

● Compliant tests to ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard (Pulse 3a/Pulse 3b generator)
● Stand-alone usage possible with 60V 30A CDN built-in.
● Frequency sweep (10kHz-100kHz-10kHz) test possible (Option)
● ≦3.5ns high frequency rise time realized so as to conduct more severe test than the Standard.

Pulse 3a Output Waveform (tr : set at <3.5ns)

Pulse 3b Output Waveform (tr : set at <3.5ns)

Output voltage -20V~-350V (-1Vstep)
 20V~350V (1Vstep)
 Output impedance 50Ω
Pulse width(td)
Pulse repetition period(t1)
10μs~999μs(1μs step)
*1kHz~100kHz Frequency sweep possible (the option necessary)
DUT power capacity
Approx. 17kg Power consumption 110VA

Difference of the impulse response among the measurement probes

Since Pulse 3a / 3b contain high frequency components, the waveform measurement should be paid attention.  It can be done easily with the optional attenuator.

BP4610 ( Pulse 2b / 4 Generator )

Pulse 2b :

Simulates transients from d.c. motors acting as generators after the ignition is switched off.

Pulse 4 :

Simulates supply voltage reduction caused by energizing the starter-motor circuits of internal combustion engines, excluding spikes associated with starting.

● Compliant tests to ISO 7637-2 Standard (Pulse 2b / Pulse 4 generator)
● ±60V 10A DC ~ 150kHz bipolar amplifi er built-in.
● Can be substitutable power source for the other pulses generations.
● Expandable to be 15A or 30A upon addition of an optional external power supply.
  * Requirement of 100A / 200A can be responded upon request and discussion.
  * Optional software shall be necessary for putting Pulse 2b / 4 out.

Pulse 2b Output Waveform

Pulse 4 Output Waveform

Pulse 2b UA, Us* 0V~60.0V ±10%±0.5V 0.1V step
 Ri  0Ω~0.05Ω
0.1s, 0.2s ,0.5s ,1s ,2s ,4s ±20%
t12, tr, 16*
1ms ,2ms ,5ms ±50%
Pulse 4 UB
0V~60.0V ±10%±0.5V 0.1V step
Us, Ua
0V~-UB ±10%±0.5V -0.1V step
0Ω~0.02Ω(at shipment)
t7, t8, t10, t11*
1ms~999ms ±10% 1ms step
0.1s~99.9s ±10% 0.1s step
(W)430×(H) 177×(D)550mm
Approx. 26kg Power consumption 1200VA

*Each parameter can be set individually.

ISS-7650 ( Pulse 5a / 5b Generator )

Pulse 5a :

Simulation of load dump transient, occurring in the event of a discharged battery being disconnected while the alternator is generating charging current and with other loads remaining on the alternator circuit at this moment.

Pulse 5b :

Simulation of the above load dump transient when a Zener diode is inserted to the battery route.

● Compliant tests to ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard (Pulse 5a/Pulse 5b generator)
● LCR circuit system adopted to realize the actual state in a vehicle accurately as well as the Standard conformance.
● Stand-alone usage possible with 60V 30A CDN built-in.
● Suppression voltage can be set in 0.1V step with the built-in programmable circuit (Pulse 5b).

Pulse 5a Output Waveform

Pulse 5b Output Waveform

Pulse 5c Output Waveform ( customized waveform )

Responded upon the particular request. If required, please contact us.

Pulse 5a 12V system 24V system

Output voltage (Us)

 20V~100V(0.5V step)  20V~200V(0.5V step)
Output impedance (Ri) 0.5Ω~8Ω(0.5Ω step) 1Ω~8Ω(0.5Ω step)
Pulse width (td) 40ms, 100ms ,200ms, 350ms ,400ms 100ms ,200ms ,350ms ,400ms
Rise time (tr) 10ms(+0, -5ms) 10ms(+0, -5ms)
Pulse 5b 12V system 24V system
Output voltage 10V~40V(0.1V step)
Pulse width (td) Dependent on Pulse 5a
DUT power capacity DC60V/30A
Dimension (W)488×(H)670×(D)660mm
Mass Approx. 100kg

Power consumption150VA(in stand-by)/ 600VA(in charging)


ISS-7690 / 7602 ( Coupling Network & Systm Rack )

Centralized CDN to put the each pulse out in one unit and the system rack to cabin the all pulses generators (ISS-7690) / System rack (ISS-7602).

●Comprehensive control of the battery, all pulses output and the generators switching enabled with the software.
●Max. 3 power supply channels switchable (1 with the built-in DC power supply (BP-4610) and the other 2 external power supplies terminals).
●1μs rise time realized with standard equipped DC interruption function.
●Precise Pulse 3a / 3b waveforms insured with the CDN output port.
●Visualize the current fl owing into DUT with the current monitor.

Insure high frequency Pulse 3a / 3b waveforms which may be dulled due to the wiring length with the centralized CDN output port.

DUT power capacity 60V/50A
 DC input  2 channels (Amplifi er power supply & battery)
*Including Pulse 2b, Pulse 4 and arbitrary waveform.
Pulse input
Pulse1, Pulse2a/2b ,Pulse3a/3b ,Pulse4, Pulse5a, Pulse5b
Interruption test
≦1μs (in DC interruption), Not switched in fl uctuation of the interruption
Current monitor
Monitoring terminal (BNC)output 10mV/A(DC)150kHz
System rack
(W)555 × (H)1800 × (D)790mm

ISS-7601 ( Control Software )

Comprehensive control software for the all pulse generators.

●Comprehensive control software for the all pulse generators.
●Enables to control the each pulse generator comprehensively.
●One touch output possible even in Pulse 2b and Pulse 4 whose waveforms assembly may be troublesome.
●Easy setting of the test conditions with its programming function.
●Reporting function available to realize the test conditions, comments as well as the result (Preview and print-out also possible).

Sequence setting screen

Preview screen for printing the test result out

ISS-7630 / ISS-7610-N1229

( Fast Pulse Slow Pulse Generators )

ISO 7673-3 2007 Standard, provides evaluation of the immunity of devices under test (DUTs) to transient transmission by coupling via lines other than supply lines. The test transient pulses simulate both fast and slow transient disturbances, such as those caused by the switching of
inductive loads and relay contact bounce. Also it provides 3 kinds of the coupling methods.

ISS-7630 (Fast Pulse )

Output voltage -20V~-350V(-1V step)
20V~350V(1V step)
Output impedance (Ri)  50Ω
Pulse width (tr)
Rise time
5ns±1.5ns, <3.5ns
Pulse repetition period (t1)
10μs~999μs(1μs step)
DUT power capacity
(W)430 × (H)200 × (D)522mm
Approx. 17kg      Power consumption 110VA

ISS-7610-N1229 (Slow Pulse)

Output voltage 5~50V(0.1V step)
-5~-50V(-0.1V step)
Output impedance (Ri)
Pulse width (tr) 50μs ±10μs
Rise time 1μs
Pulse repetition period (t1) 0.1~99.9s(0.1s step)
DUT power capacity -
Dimension (W)430 × (H)200 × (D)522mm
Mass Approx. 20kg Power consumption 50VA


Output Waveform