Drop & Shock Test Instruments

DT-202TB / DT-202 / DT-205 etc.

Shinyei brand drop & shock test instruments enable to test the endurance against drop impact provide fragility test for smart phones, cell phones, tablets, laptop PCs and other gadgets that should be tested before going into the market. Our instruments bring you the accurate testing results with accumulated technologies in this field.


Drop Tester / Drop Machine for tablet terminal and mobile computers

enlarged photo
enlarged photo

Sample wide up to 250mm, CE Marking

DT-202TB is enable to test the endurance against drop impact. This model is modified from DT-202 by expanding the specimen holding range to cover the growing tablet terminal test requirement. The specimen holding system can provide the drop tests superior in reproducibility. (Drop Tester DT-202TB complys with CE marking requirements.)

  • Keep the dropping posture with pneumatic pen cylinder. The impact point can be controlled easily.
  • The drop height can be settled flexibly by scale, and the specimen holding system is fixed firmly with the electromagnetic holder. 
  • Safety design – the electromagnetic holder never release the specimen holding system till it’s energized.


● Drop test for tablet terminal and mobile computers.
● Drop test for any electrical parts and small, light-weight object.

Specimen max. weight 2kg (4.4lb)
Drop height range (mm) 250 to 2000mm (10 to 78 inch)
Drop height setting Scale and setting pointer
Holding / Releasing specimen Pneumatic pen cylinder
Size (W x H x D) 600 x 2383 x 616mm (24 x 94 x 24 inch)
Weight 89kg (176lbs)
Power supply 100-240V single-phase 5A
Applied Standards JIS C60068-2-31, IEC 60068-2-31
Supply Air Pressure

0.49Mpa is required

(1.2dm3 when tests 6 times/min)