Ball Bearing

Shinyei has been supplying quality Japanese ball bearings under the brand name of IJK, SMT, JAF, KSK and WTW for more than 30 years. We are your ''one stop'' for all OEM and Industrial aftermarket applications such as machines and equipment.

Stainless Steel Ball bearing by AFC bearings

AFC Bearings has been supplying high quality SMT brand Stainless Steel Ball Bearings for corrosion resistant application, such as food processing and medical equipment, etc.


Spherical rolling joint SRJ series

Rolling guide with zero clearance has realized high quality and high precision. Spherical Rolling Joint was developed to resolve the problems for upsizing of combinin rotational joints and also large frictional resistance and inner clearance for sliding joints.

Spline CSP series

Spline CSP series have it all the high rigidity with low price. HEPHAIST spline adopts Gothic arch on the rolling surface. It is supported with four lines of steel balls, being excellent in radical moment rigidity. External cylinder is available as standard straight, round flange and square flange types.


HEPHAIST rod end has been newly developed for self-alignment capability and high load capacity.